Are Your Rights Protected?

Are Your Rights Protected?

Consult a Hamburg, NY criminal defense attorney

Being convicted of a crime can have major repercussions on both your short-term and long-term future. Employment and housing opportunities and even your right to vote could all be permanently impaired.

The Law Office of Kyle W. Calabrese, Esq. will fight to protect you from the worst consequences of a criminal conviction. Remember: You have basic rights! The Law Office of Kyle W. Calabrese, Esq. will examine the details of your situation to determine the best defense strategy. Call 716-649-3311 today.

Choose a New York courtroom veteran

For 25 years, Kyle W. Calabrese has represented defendants in Hamburg, New York and the surrounding region including Southtowns and Erie County. He can provide smart, dynamic defense against:

  • DUIs, DWIs or BWIs
  • Drug crimes
  • Vehicle or traffic infractions
  • Other misdemeanors or felonies

Don't watch your future slip away! Face the criminal justice system with a tested lawyer by your side.

Call 716-649-3311 to request a free consultation in the Hamburg, New York region.


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